2024 New Year’s Resolutions for Students

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Girl making new year's resolutions

The New Year offers all of us a chance to make a fresh start and focus on goals we’d like to accomplish—and that goes for kids, too!

This article explores fun and achievable New Year’s resolutions for students that are split up into different categories: school, home, wellness, and activities. So, let’s dive in and discover how kids can start off the year on the right foot. 

Academic Resolutions for Students in School

Setting New Year’s goals for students can help kids stay focused, motivated, and organized at school. So, what are good resolutions for school age kids? Here are a few ideas to share with your favorite student:

  • Read more books. Set a goal for the number of books you’d like to read throughout the year. Switch things up by exploring different genres and authors and consider creating a tracker to hang on the fridge.
  •  Set academic goals. Write down specific goals for each subject, including the grades you’d like to achieve, and how you plan to get there.
  • Be more organized. As the year kicks off, keep backpacks, notebooks, and folders organized. Use a planner or calendar to keep track of all your assignments, tests, and important due dates.
  • Participate more in class. Raise your hand more and try to take on a more active role during group activities.

Personal Wellness New Year’s Resolutions for Students

We all know it’s important to feel good and stay healthy. Share these wellness-related kids’ New Year’s resolution ideas with your children:

  •  Exercise and stay active. Keep it moving by riding your bike, walking the dog, playing outdoor games with friends, or even dancing in your living room. If you play sports, you’re probably already getting a decent amount of exercise, but it never hurts to add a little extra movement!
  • Focus on good everyday habits. Make good use of that water bottle from your back to school checklist and fill it up every morning to encourage yourself to drink more water. Take your vitamins, eat a nutritious breakfast, and get a good night’s sleep, especially on school nights. Your academic resolutions will be easier to manage if you’re well rested!
  • Practice self-care and gratitude. Reduce stress by trying out new relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Know when to take breaks and avoid burnout. Keep a gratitude journal to write down things you are thankful for and be sure to let your family and friends know how much you appreciate them!
  • Make better food choices. Try to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein while limiting candy, soda, and sugary snacks. Welch’s® Zero Sugar Fruity Bites are a great way to enjoy the delicious fruity snacks you love, but with zero sugar. Plus, they’re gluten-free, aspartame free, and contain no preservatives. Find your favorite flavor: Mixed Fruit, Berries ‘n Cherries, or Island Fruits. They make great snacks for studying!

New Year’s Resolutions: Activities, Sports, & Social Life

New Year’s resolutions for students can go beyond academic resolutions. Here are some of the best resolutions for students when it comes to life outside the classroom. Consider sharing these ideas with your kid:

  • Try new after-school activities.  Expand your horizons by trying a new sport or activity that is different from what you normally do. Maybe you’re a dancer who decides to take basketball on Saturday mornings. Or perhaps you’re a soccer player who decides to join the chess club at school. You never know—you just may find a new passion!
  • Volunteer and give back. Make the world a better place by volunteering your time and performing community service. Whether it’s a food bank, an animal shelter, or a park cleanup day, there are so many ways to give back to your community. When setting New Year’s resolutions like this one, remember that you can look for one-day opportunities to suit your busy schedule.
  • Learn something new. Take a class or watch online videos to learn something new. There are plenty of free online tutorials that can help you try out different hobbies, such as crocheting, playing the piano, cooking, and so much more.
  • Make new friends. One of the best New Year’s resolutions for students is to make new friends. While it can be comfortable to stick with the friends we already have, it’s good to expand our circle and reach out to different classmates or kids in the neighborhood. If there’s a new student at school, make them feel welcome by inviting them to walk to class with you or sit at your lunch table.

Kids’ New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Home Life

Encourage kids to do their part at home by sharing these ideas with them:

  • Do your chores. Be sure to stay on top of your chores, keep your room clean, and pitch in to keep the house neat and clean.
  • Take care of pets. Help out with pet household duties, like walking your dog, feeding your fish, or changing your cat’s litter box.
  • Learn about money. Try to save more of your allowance and learn how to budget. Ask your parents to teach you how to open a bank account and use a debit card or mobile wallet. If you’re wondering: What is a New Year’s resolution that will benefit me forever? This is it!
  • Limit screen time. These days, screen time is unavoidable, but try to set realistic limits for yourself when it comes to watching TV, scrolling your phone, or playing video games. 

How to Make a New Year’s Resolution Stick

 Parents: Here are a few ways you can help your child be successful at achieving their goals:

  • Help kids break down large goals into smaller, manageable tasks. Resolutions are meant to be positive and achievable.
  • Make the process enjoyable by creating a visual chart or using a calendar to track their progress throughout the year.
  •  Celebrate their successes along the way to keep them motivated and excited.

We hope our list of New Year’s resolutions for kids gave you and your child some great New Year’s resolutions ideas. For students who are looking for smarter study snacks, try new Welch’s® Zero Sugar Fruity Bites. Wishing your family good luck on meeting all your top New Year’s resolutions. Happy New Year!

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