12 Fun Mother’s Day Crafts & Ideas

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daughter celebrating Mother’s Day with mom

Mother’s Day is a time to show our love and appreciation for the woman who does it all. But that doesn’t necessarily mean buying mom pricey gifts!

Cute Mother’s Day crafts and homemade gifts for mom often have more meaning and give kids a great excuse to get creative and have fun. Check out our list of 12 Mother’s Day craft ideas and activities to celebrate mom from the heart this year!

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

1. Custom Jewelry

One of our favorite ideas for Mother’s Day is to make handmade jewelry. Most craft stores will carry everything you need to create bracelets, necklaces, or earrings using beads, charms, strings, and more. It’s fun to use mom’s favorite colors or add charms that spell out “mom.” You can also add charms that reflect things she loves, like music, cooking, tennis, etc. Homemade jewelry is one of those Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make her think of you every time she wears the piece.

2. Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Spring and flowers go hand in hand, so why not lean into a flower theme for your Mother’s Day craft ideas? Collect different types of flowers from your yard or a local park and press them between heavy books for a few days. Carefully glue the pressed flowers to cardboard strips to create beautiful bookmarks. Laminate your bookmarks, punch a hole at the top, and decorate with ribbons or tassels. You’ve got to love DIY Mother’s Day gifts that also serve a practical purpose.

3. Handprint Plant Pots

If you’re looking for other garden-related Mother’s Day crafts for kids, try these hand-painted homemade gifts for mom. Use acrylic paint to create handprints on a clay flower pot, then add a sweet message with a marker. Mom will love to have a “record” of how her kid’s handprints grow in size each year. Plant mom’s favorite flowers or herbs in the pots for a personalized gift that will brighten up her garden or windowsill.

4. Handmade Cards

What is the best homemade gift for Mother’s Day? Sometimes the answer is a simple homemade card that comes straight from the heart. Get creative with the type of paper you use, from colorful construction paper, to thin cardboard from a gift box, to a rustic brown paper bag, and beyond. Decorate your card with Mother’s Day art using markers, stamps, and stick-on gems and write a special message inside that mom will cherish forever.

5. Decorative Mason Jars

These cute Mother’s Day crafts also serve a practical purpose. Paint mason jars in your mom’s favorite colors and decorate them with ribbons, lace, buttons, and more. Fill these DIY Mother’s Day gifts with flowers, candles, homemade treats, handwritten notes, or other special mementos for a personalized gift she’ll look back on for years to come.

6. Dreamcatcher

What to make for a Mother’s Day craft if you’re an older kid or teen who wants to try a project that’s a little more advanced? Dreamcatchers are the perfect Mother’s Day craft ideas to fit the bill. Use a metal hoop, yarn, twine, feathers, and beads to create a special piece for mom’s bedroom. Or try other décor-related homemade gifts for mom using materials like canvas, wood, and metal.

7. Homemade Baked Goods

Little ones love making cute Mother’s Day crafts but baking for kids is also a lot of fun! Make mom some yummy homemade baked goods like scones, banana bread, cookies, or blueberry muffins. Package your treats in a cute box decorated with ribbons for a special touch. This is the best Mother’s Day gift for a mom with a sweet tooth!

8. Personalized Beach Bag

A personalized beach bag is the best Mother’s Day gift for moms who love the sun, sand, and sea. Use a vinyl transfer machine to create a beachy design or saying on a plain canvas tote. If you don’t have a vinyl machine, you can use fabric markers, fabric paint, or iron-on patches to get the same effect. Fill the bag with a beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, and fun snacks for the beach, like mouthwatering Welch’s® Fruit Snacks!

9. Photo Collage

These days, most of our photos stay on our phones, so surprise mom by printing out some frame-worthy pics and making a custom collage. Look for photos that include mom so she’s a part of the scene! Vacation photos or holiday photos are usually a good bet. You can either make a small scrapbook or use a board and frame it. Custom collages are easy Mother’s Day crafts for kids of all ages that make for a special keepsake.

What Can I Do to Make Mother’s Day Special?

Along with creating homemade gifts for mom, you can also make her smile by planning a low-key activity or spoiling her with a special gesture. Try these ideas for Mother’s Day fun.

10. Serve Her Breakfast in Bed

This option is a classic choice for celebrating Mother’s Day. Let mom sleep in and serve her breakfast in bed on a pretty tray holding her favorite foods along with a cup of coffee and a small vase of fresh flowers. Menu ideas for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed could include hot items like pancakes or eggs, or a simple selection of pastries and fresh fruit. Whatever you make, be sure to clean up after yourselves in the kitchen so the task doesn’t fall on mom. That would defeat the whole purpose of giving her the “day off!”

11. Give Her a Home Spa Day

Pamper mom and melt her stress away with a homemade spa day. Put together a kit with bath salts, sugar scrubs, and moisturizing lotion. Put on face masks together or paint each other’s nails. Sometimes the best Mother’s Day gift is spending quality time together!

12. Send Her on a Scavenger Hunt

When it comes to memorable ideas for Mother’s Day, you can’t beat a scavenger hunt. Create a chain of clues that will take mom from the living room to the garden to the kitchen and everywhere in between. At the end of the wild goose chase, surprise mom with a “treasure chest” filled with small gifts and fun treats like Welch’s® Fruit Snacks to fuel the day’s adventures.

That wraps up our list of Mother’s Day craft ideas and activities. We hope we gave you lots of fun ideas to create an unforgettable Mother’s Day for mom. She deserves it!

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